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Empowering Technicians for the EV Era

An exciting, progressive innovator in electric motorcycles, sought Bridge's expertise to train their service technicians. With the EV motorcycle industry being relatively new, the challenge was to prepare their technicians, predominantly experienced in internal combustion engines, for this advanced technology.

Technical Training Case Study

Project Objectives:

  • Upskill for EV Technology: Develop a robust training program focused on electric motorcycle mechanics.

  • Comprehensive Technical Mastery: Ensure a deep understanding of the unique features of EV motorcycles.

  • Effective Application: Enable technicians to work on these cutting-edge motorcycles confidently and efficiently.

Looking to future-proof your technical training?

The Client's Problem:

As a pioneering electric motorcycle brand, our client faced the challenge of upskilling technicians who were more accustomed to traditional internal combustion engine motorcycles. This gap in experience with EV technology posed a potential barrier to efficient service and maintenance.

Our Solution:

Bridge crafted an all-encompassing technical training solution:


  • Targeted Training Videos: Produced a series of technical training videos covering crucial aspects of electric motorcycle mechanics, such as battery management and electric powertrain maintenance.


  • Expert Collaboration: Worked alongside EV experts and brought in our own EV specialists to ensure the training content was both accurate and highly relevant.


  • Engaging Content Production: Converted intricate technical details into engaging visual storyboards and dynamic video content, making complex concepts approachable and comprehensible.


Increased EV Expertise:

Technicians demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of electric motorcycle mechanics post-training.

Operational Efficiency:

The practical focus of the training enabled swift application of new skills, enhancing service quality.

Positive Engagement:

The interactive nature of the training materials led to high technician engagement and ease of learning.

Adaptability and Future-Readiness:

Livewire successfully prepared its workforce for the unique demands of electric motorcycle servicing.

How We Did It:

Our approach involved forming a team of experts in EV technology, multimedia designers, scriptwriters, and project coordinators. This team’s mandate was to transform EV technical concepts into easy-to-understand training materials.


In collaboration with our client's technical team, we identified essential EV technical skills and concepts. Our iterative process involved developing script outlines that were refined into engaging narratives, ensuring the content was both informative and captivating.


Using visual storyboarding and high-quality video production, we transformed these narratives into an educational series of modules. This visual and interactive approach