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Elevating Financial Services Training

Bridge took on the ambitious task of elevating compliance training for the financial services sector. Recognizing the complexities and ever-changing nature of industry regulations, we introduced Compliance as a Service (CaaS), a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the intricate needs of this highly regulated sector.

Compliance as a Service Case Study

Project Objectives:

  • Implement Rigorous Compliance Audits: Conduct in-depth reviews of current practices against a backdrop of changing regulations.

  • Create Customised Training Curriculums: Develop training programs that are specific to the client’s regulatory needs.

  • Ensure Proactive Regulatory Preparedness: Keep the client ahead of legislative changes with a forward-thinking approach.

Interested in revolutionising your compliance training?

The Client's Challenge:

Financial services companies often grapple with keeping up-to-date with evolving compliance requirements. The challenge was to provide a training solution that was not only comprehensive but also engaging and easily adaptable to changing regulations.

Our Solution:

Our CaaS model encompassed a suite of services and tools designed to make compliance training effective, engaging, and efficient:


  • Comprehensive Audits: Conducted detailed health checks on compliance practices, offering clarity on the client’s standing and future steps.


  • Tailored Training Curriculums: Developed custom training curriculums based on audit insights, ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of each program.


  • Forward-Planning Compliance Calendar: Introduced a proactive strategy to stay ahead of legislative changes.

Engaging Video Content: Used video-based training to make complex regulations understandable and engaging.


Reduced Compliance Risks:


The comprehensive audits and tailored training significantly mitigated the risk of non-compliance.

Enhanced Engagement in Training:


The use of engaging video content led to higher levels of participation and retention among employees.

Proactive Adaptation to Changes:


The forward-planning compliance calendar kept the client ahead of regulatory changes, ensuring continuous compliance.

Improved Organisational Reputation:


By maintaining compliance, the client enhanced their standing in the industry and reinforced their reputation for integrity.

How We Did It:

Faced with the challenge of keeping clients abreast of critical financial regulations, Bridge launched a tailored compliance training initiative. We meticulously crafted a detailed calendar, highlighting pivotal legislation like the Consumer Duty law effective from July 31st, 2023. This proactive approach ensured our clients were prepared well in advance for upcoming regulatory changes.


Central to our strategy was the development of interactive training modules and an AI-simulation bot, a ground-breaking tool loaded with varied scenarios and personalities. This bot allowed users to engage in realistic customer interactions, focusing on areas such as handling vulnerable customers in line with Consumer Duty requirements. The AI provided immediate feedback, allowing users to refine their approach in real-time and stay compliant.

This initiative not only equipped our clients with the knowledge to navigate complex regulations but also offered a hands-on learning experience, transforming compliance training from a mandate into an opportunity for active engagement and practical application.