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Bridging Cultural Gaps in Global Corporate Competitions at Hyundai

Bridge was approached by Hyundai to develop a ground-breaking solution for a series of global competitions organised by our client, aimed at their sales and service representatives. The key challenge was to create a platform that could accommodate multiple languages, ensuring fairness and transparency across diverse cultures.

AI-Powered Multilingual Competition Case Study

Project Objectives:

  • Develop a Multilingual Platform: Create a system that could support multiple languages for a fair and inclusive competition.

  • Ensure Fair and Transparent Judging: Implement a solution that could record, measure, and broadcast responses impartially.

  • Utilise Results as Learning Tools: Capture best practices from the competition for future training purposes.

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The Client's Problem:

Hyundai needed a robust, multilingual solution to manage their global competition. The main hurdles included language barriers, cultural differences, and the need for a system that could handle constant updates and provide real-time feedback.

Our Solution:

Bridge's solution was a technologically advanced, AI-powered, multilingual app, tailored to meet the client's specific needs. Key features included:


  • Video Response Recording: Competitors could record their answers in video format, which were then translated and assessed by judges.


  • Real-Time Translation for Fair Judging: The app included real-time translation features, ensuring fairness in judging irrespective of the contestant's language.


  • Library of Best Practices: Successful strategies and responses were captured and shared company-wide as learning resources.


Successful Multilingual Engagement:


Participants from different linguistic backgrounds were able to engage effectively, breaking down language barriers.

Fair and Transparent Competition:


The app's translation and judging features ensured a level playing field for all participants.

Enhanced Learning Resources:


The competition's recorded best practices became a valuable part of the company’s ongoing training program.

First Successful AI Implementation:


Marked the first successful use of AI in Hyundai's global competition, setting a precedent for future initiatives.

How We Did It:

To achieve this, our team developed an app that was both device-agnostic and capable of handling multiple languages. This app allowed participants to create and submit video responses to competition questions, which were then automatically translated and relayed to judges for assessment. 


To ensure fairness, role-play scenarios were included, with real-time translation ensuring unbiased judging. The app was designed to be user-friendly and adaptive, accommodating constant updates and feedback.


Bridge's innovative AI-driven app transformed the client&