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Reforming Training for World-Leading EV motorcycle brand with Bridge's LMS

Our client, the sole U.S. mass producer of electric motorcycles, collaborated with Bridge to launch their Learning Management System (LMS) in the EMEA region. Our task was to create the most advanced learning platform ever used by a leading motorcycle manufacturer, tailored to their unique needs.

LMS Case Study

Project Objectives:

  • Comprehensive Digital Infrastructure: Develop a state-of-the-art LMS to onboard and train employees across multiple regions.

  • Effective Training and Assessment: Implement an LMS that facilitates tracking, assessment, and certification of training modules.

  • Customised Curriculum Planning: Tailor the LMS to align with our client’s specific training needs and brand ethos.

Transform your training experience with our LMS.

The Client's Problem:

Our client sought a digital infrastructure capable of onboarding employees globally and enabling field managers to monitor training progress effectively. They needed an LMS that could house all their training materials, track assessments, and identify knowledge gaps for further training.

Our Solution:

Bridge developed an LMS that seamlessly integrated with our client's operational framework:


  • Advanced Learning Platform: Deployed a sophisticated LMS to house all training and assessment modules, with easy global access.


  • Interactive Training Modules: Included job aids and interactive learning materials to enhance the training experience.


  • Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting: Integrated features for monitoring completion rates, assessing performance, and identifying training gaps.


Efficient Global Onboarding:


Successfully onboarded employees across different regions, standardising training processes.

Enhanced Training Oversight:


Field managers were empowered with tools to monitor and manage employee training progress effectively.

Data-Driven Skill Development:

The LMS provided valuable insights into staff performance, allowing our client to pinpoint and address specific training needs.

Seamless Brand Integration:


The LMS was custom-built to reflect the client’s ethos, ensuring a consistent brand experience across all training materials.

How We Did It:

We meticulously planned a curriculum that aligned with their training requirements. We focused on stackable completion rates, detailed assessment questions, and certification tracking.


Our approach involved integrating the latest LMS technologies to create an intuitive, user-friendly platform. We designed each module to be engaging and informative, ensuring that it reflected the innovative brand and met the diverse learning needs of their staff.


The implementation of Bridge’s LMS marked a significant leap in their training and development approach. This initiative not only streamlined their global training efforts but also brought a new level of sophistication and efficiency to their learning processes.