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Project Objectives:

  • Standardise Training: Develop a consistent, high-quality training program for global dealerships.

  • Boost Engagement: Increase participation and engagement in training modules.

  • Improve Sales Performance: Directly link training to enhanced sales and customer satisfaction.

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Our Solution:

Bridge crafted a suite of immersive learning tools, including:


  • Monthly Immersive Learning Videos: These engaging videos provided up-to-date training, ensuring uniform knowledge across dealerships, with up to 300 unique courses created per year. 


  • Monthly Certification Program: To reinforce learning, we introduced a certification program with assessments, making training not just informative but also rewarding.


  • Supporting Tools: We supplemented videos with job aids, in-dealership training presentations, podcasts, and specialised training for managers and master technicians.

How we did it:

To execute this ambitious project, we gathered a global team of specialists, including 3D motion designers, scriptwriters, training experts, voice talents, project managers, and translators. This diverse team ensured a comprehensive approach to the training content, tailored to a variety of learning needs and career goals.


We developed a detailed, month-by-month curriculum for the client's annual certification, introducing a standard track for general staff, a managerial track, and an advanced 'Master' track for more in-depth learning. This strategy effectively catered to the diverse ambitions within the client's team.


Focusing on key business areas, we identified crucial training topics like the sales customer path, product knowledge, objection handling, goal setting, and merchandising. Monthly kick-off meetings with the automotive brand ensured our training aligned with their specific needs. Following these, our team crafted script outlines, refined through multiple writing and editing rounds, to create engaging and informative courses.


The final phase involved transforming these scripts into visually compelling videos, enhanced by professional voiceovers. This resulted in a series of engaging training modules that effectively resonated with the brand's diverse audience. Our meticulous planning and execution led to a comprehensive training program that surpassed the client's expectations, significantly enhancing their workforce's education and engagement.



Post-training, 81% of participants reported enhanced job performance.


A remarkable 88% could apply what they learned directly to their daily tasks.


The client saw an 11% increase in Net Promoter Score, indicating a substantial rise in customer loyalty.


Employee engagement in training soared by 29%.



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