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Enhancing Customer Service in Automotive Dealerships with AI Simulation

In a pioneering initiative, Bridge developed an AI-driven training solution to take customer service training to a new level within automotive dealership finance departments. This innovative project focused on creating realistic AI customer simulations to enhance advisor-customer interactions, particularly with vulnerable customers, in light of the new Consumer Duty legislation effective July 31st, 2023.

AI Training Solutions Case Study

Project Objectives:

  • Develop Realistic Customer Interaction Simulations: Create AI simulations with diverse customer personalities to provide a range of interaction scenarios.

  • Compliance with Consumer Duty Legislation: Ensure dealership staff are adept at handling vulnerable customers in compliance with new regulations.

  • Identify and Address Knowledge Gaps: Use AI to pinpoint areas where advisors need further training in customer interaction and compliance.

Interested in revolutionising your team’s customer service skills with AI?

The Client's Challenge:

Dealership finance teams faced challenges in effectively interacting with vulnerable customers, a requirement intensified by the recent Consumer Duty legislation. There was a need for a training solution that could provide real-life practice scenarios in a controlled environment.

Our Solution:

Bridge’s AI training solution encompassed:


  • Complex AI Customer Personalities: Developed multiple avatar personalities, each with unique problems, enabling advisors to practise a wide range of customer service scenarios.


  • Natural Interaction and Immediate Feedback: The AI system offered natural conversation flow and instant feedback on user responses, enhancing learning effectiveness.


  • Legislation-Adaptive Training: The AI simulations were continuously updated to reflect the latest automotive finance industry legislation.


Enhanced Customer Service Skills:


Advisors gained confidence and competence in handling a range of customer interactions, particularly with vulnerable customers.

Compliance Assurance:


The training ensured advisors were up-to-date with Consumer Duty legislation, equipped to offer compliant and empathetic service.

Targeted Skill Development:


AI feedback identified specific areas where advisors needed improvement, guiding targeted follow-up training.

Continual Adaptation to Legislation:


The AI system's adaptability meant that training remained current with ongoing legislative changes, maintaining a high standard of compliance and service.

How We Did It:

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