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Enhancing Customer Service in Automotive Dealerships with AI Simulation

In a pioneering initiative, Bridge developed an AI-driven training solution to take customer service training to a new level within automotive dealership finance departments. This innovative project focused on creating realistic AI customer simulations to enhance advisor-customer interactions, particularly with vulnerable customers, in light of the new Consumer Duty legislation effective July 31st, 2023.

AI Training Solutions Case Study

Project Objectives:

  • Develop Realistic Customer Interaction Simulations: Create AI simulations with diverse customer personalities to provide a range of interaction scenarios.

  • Compliance with Consumer Duty Legislation: Ensure dealership staff are adept at handling vulnerable customers in compliance with new regulations.

  • Identify and Address Knowledge Gaps: Use AI to pinpoint areas where advisors need further training in customer interaction and compliance.

Interested in revolutionising your team’s customer service skills with AI?

The Client's Challenge:

Dealership finance teams faced challenges in effectively interacting with vulnerable customers, a requirement intensified by the recent Consumer Duty legislation. There was a need for a training solution that could provide real-life practice scenarios in a controlled environment.

Our Solution:

Bridge’s AI training solution encompassed:


  • Complex AI Customer Personalities: Developed multiple avatar personalities, each with unique problems, enabling advisors to practise a wide range of customer service scenarios.


  • Natural Interaction and Immediate Feedback: The AI system offered natural conversation flow and instant feedback on user responses, enhancing learning effectiveness.


  • Legislation-Adaptive Training: The AI simulations were continuously updated to reflect the latest automotive finance industry legislation.


Enhanced Customer Service Skills:


Advisors gained confidence and competence in handling a range of customer interactions, particularly with vulnerable customers.

Compliance Assurance:


The training ensured advisors were up-to-date with Consumer Duty legislation, equipped to offer compliant and empathetic service.

Targeted Skill Development:


AI feedback identified specific areas where advisors needed improvement, guiding targeted follow-up training.

Continual Adaptation to Legislation:


The AI system's adaptability meant that training remained current with ongoing legislative changes, maintaining a high standard of compliance and service.

How We Did It:

Our team meticulously programmed thousands of potential scenarios into the AI system, ensuring responses were accurate and relevant. This detailed work allowed for natural conversation flow and relevant feedback, closely mirroring real-life interactions.


The AI avatars were designed to represent a spectrum of customer personalities, including those identified as vulnerable, enabling advisors to practise and refine their approach to meet varying customer needs and regulatory requirements.


The AI simulation project by Bridge successfully transformed the approach to customer service training in automotive dealership finance departments. It not only enhanced the skillset of advisors in dealing with diverse customer scenarios but also ensured compliance with critical industry regulations, ultimately leading to improved customer experiences.



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