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Board & Advisors

Our in-house talent, supported by Board Advisors who are world-leading authorities in Automotive, Financial Service and Tech Software, aren't just folks who "know their stuff" – they're change-makers. Handpicked for their off-the-charts experience and hands-on skills – they're the reason we're a cut above the rest. With a killer combo of experience and an insatiable appetite for what's next, they craft training solutions that fit like a glove – custom-tailored to meet your company's unique goals and quirks. Meet the team that's redefining how industries think about training and compliance:

Sarah Sillars has dedicated over 35 years to the Automotive Retail sector, where she has made significant contributions as a Skills Champion and Ambassador. Her leadership journey includes serving as the CEO and Chair of the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and now as its Vice President. In addition, Sarah holds Non-Executive Director roles at Remit and Citygate, where her expertise continues to shape the industry. Renowned for her passion for driving performance and personal growth, Sarah's focus on innovative learning and development strategies has significantly influenced skills training in the automotive sector. Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her approach to mentorship and organisational development. In recognition of her exceptional service to the Automotive Industry and skills training, Sarah was awarded an OBE in 2008.

Skills Champion and Ambassador

Sarah Sillars, OBE Hon FIMI

Avec plus de vingt ans d'expérience dans le secteur automobile, Vlad a fondé Bridge, animé par sa vision de l'exploitation des technologies de pointe afin de transformer les performances des entreprises et de la main-d'œuvre. Son parcours a débuté en Corée, en collaborant avec des équipementiers de premier plan tels que Hyundai, Kia et MOBIS. Spécialisé dans le conseil, la formation et l'amélioration des performances, Vlad excelle dans l'intégration de l'IA, de la formation technique et du développement commercial dans des solutions commerciales pratiques. Son expérience et sa clairvoyance ont contribué à faire de Bridge le leader de l'innovation.


Vlad Shishkaryov

Justin a passé 25 ans en tant qu'entrepreneur, investisseur et conseiller auprès de certaines des entreprises britanniques les plus intéressantes et les plus disruptives dans les domaines de la finance, du marketing, de l'éducation, du sport et des technologies du voyage. Il est également l'ancien président de la British Interactive Media Association, vice-président de l'UNICEF UK, membre du conseil d'administration du British Museum et ancien collaborateur de WPP plc.


Justin Cooke

Guy brings over 30 years of automotive industry expertise, with a significant track record in enhancing sales and management practices. As the founder of Business Training and Consultancy, he has influenced major dealer groups and brands like Volkswagen and Ford. Co-founding autoVHC and enquiryMAX, Guy has successfully implemented systems in thousands of dealerships globally, demonstrating his exceptional ability to drive sales-focused outcomes and build high-performance businesses.


Guy Allman

Serena, a senior board member with over 25 years of experience, specialises in corporate governance, risk management, and compliance, particularly in the banking and consultancy sectors. Renowned for her in-depth technical knowledge and robust industry relationships, she excels in delivering transformative initiatives. As an Independent Non-Executive Director at ICICI Bank (UK) Limited and Kroo Bank Limited, Serena plays a pivotal role in shaping innovative financial solutions and navigating complex regulatory landscapes.


Serena Joseph

David, with a robust background in automotive sales and digital strategies, has shaped the industry's landscape. His journey began at Kalamazoo, sharpening his skills in dealer networks, and progressed through pivotal roles in innovative startups like Netica and Virtual Showroom. A seasoned orator, David's expertise flourished at "Half a Car" and Portfolio Europe, culminating in founding Loyalty Logistix, a testament to his visionary approach to customer retention and commercial strategy.


David Hawkins


Project Management,

Motion Design

Tasha Edwards

Tasha combines both creative skills in motion design and project management responsibilities. She creates engaging and effective educational learning content, using a range of captivating visual elements to deliver the intended message. In addition, she plays a key project management role in supporting the smooth operation of the design team and in meeting tight deadlines on content delivery.

Visual Identity Designer

Kylo Zelenskyi

Kylo, now based in Liverpool, serves as a Visual Identity Specialist with a clear objective: to enhance the appeal and efficiency of products and services. As a pivotal team member, working alongside skilled analysts and designers, Kylo has played a crucial role in developing a range of solutions, from websites to mobile apps, and interfaces for complex analytical systems.His deep understanding and adept application of modern design principles and trends, paired with a fervent passion for creating groundbreaking solutions that deliver concrete results, have made him an indispensable asset to the Bridge team.

Motion Animator

Anastasia Nevmerzhytska

Anastasia is a motion designer with more than 6 years of work experience and she is super passionate about her job, as it's basically magic - bringing static images to life by turning them into videos!

Technical Writing

Emma Saunders

At Bridge, Emma blends her technical writing expertise with clear, engaging language that resonates with diverse learning styles. Ensuring she has a deep understanding of complex subjects, she transforms intricate ideas into engaging learning content. Her work is not just about presenting information; it’s about breaking down complex topics into digestible, easy-to-understand modules that facilitate effective learning.

Graphic Designer, Motion Animator

Kieran Walker

Kieran, a dynamic graphic designer, and motion animator with a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise, rooted in a foundation of Computer Games Art and Animation. Whether it's developing engaging infographics to simplify intricate topics or animating lessons for an immersive educational experience, Kieran works on the art of translating complex educational learning concepts into visually engaging and accessible graphics.

Head Writer

Nicholas Moran

Nicholas has great experience crafting compelling copy across a diverse range of industries. He spent over a decade at the world’s leading audio branding agency, where he worked as Head of Copy, and successfully led a team of 45 writers across the UK and USA. Nicholas excels in distilling complex concepts into clear, accessible language and his hands-on experience in redefining brand values and creating copy across various channels has benefitted global giants like Heineken, DW Fitness, and Audi.

Head Designer

Lachlan Mifsud

Lachlan, having made the journey from Sydney, Australia, is the Design Lead at Bridge, contributing four vibrant years to our team. His leadership is characterised by a cross-disciplinary approach, fuelled by a passion for learning and a discerning eye for modern design and user experience practices. Lachlan plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the Bridge design team is well-equipped to accommodate various learning styles, enhancing content accessibility for a diverse audience.

Creative Director

Steve Berger

Steve brings to the Bridge team more than three decades of experience in designing and developing corporate communications and performance improvement initiatives for Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, technology, and finance sectors. His successful results extend from individual learning materials such as online certification and webinars, to regional and in-market programs such as seminars, workshops, and in‑dealership training, to large-scale live events such as dealer meetings and automotive ride & drives. He constantly seeks to bring innovative and engaging approaches to each initiative that will move intended objectives from simply learning them to actually adopting them.

Art and Design


Lafina, a passionate Art and Design professional from Wimbledon, holds a First-Class Honours Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication. Her extensive training encompasses critical creative thinking and proficiency in design software. Since graduating, she has collaborated with over 100 brands across diverse sectors, including publication, TV commercial production, branding, packaging, and marketing.

Creative Writer

Conor Byrne

With an academic grounding in Media & Communications, and professional background in educational content, Conor is a precise, versatile, and creative writer with a diverse output ranging from ad copy and social media content to questions, scripts, and long-form reports. As part of the writing team, Conor develops content designed to make facts and figures come alive onscreen. His studies and experience as a university research assistant and assistant lecturer underpin his work, with the goal of weaving in narrative and storytelling elements to make learning an engaging activity, not a chore.

Motion Designer

Mei Law

Mei Law is a London-based passionate and detail-oriented motion designer who graduated from the City University of Hong Kong - School of Creative Media (Arts of Media Technology). With a wealth of experience as a Senior Producer, Mei excels at collaborating with teams of Directors, Agencies, Editors, Colourists, CGI Animators, Music Composers, and Sound Designers to produce top-quality content. Mei has honed a versatile skill set that encompasses motion graphics and visual effects design, enabling her to deliver projects with precision and finesse.

Motion Designer

Gisella Tsang 

Gisella is a passionate and experienced producer/multimedia designer who graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Media and Communication. With years of experience in the marketing and advertising industry, Gisella can bring and apply her wonderful skills to this job, infusing creativity into videos. "Keep learning" is Gisella’s motto, which keeps her refreshed and on-trend in motion design/animation.

Head of Operations and

Client Success Manager

Judy Carney

As the Head of Operations and Client Success Manager, Judy Carney brings extensive expertise in orchestrating seamless business operations and fostering lasting client relationships. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, Judy focuses on implementing strategies that not only meet but exceed both internal and external expectations. With a proven track record in optimising operational efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction, Judy is dedicated to driving impactful strategies that deliver results.

3D Artist

Luke Burton

As a 3D Artist, I bring virtual worlds to life with my artistic skills and technical knowledge. I specialize in creating 3D models and animations that are used in various media such as virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. My role involves creating detailed models, environments, and animation for immersive educational experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, I push the boundaries of digital artistry to create stunning visuals that enhance storytelling and engage users in interactive adventures.

Motion Graphics

Qëndrim Spahija

Qëndrim Spahija is a Motion Graphics Artist, that has been putting designs in motion since 2015. He has knowledge on 2D and 3D animations, such as Traditional Animation, 2D Vector-based Animation, 3D Animation for Video and Film and Game Animation. He joined the Bridge LT team on 2021, and is also known as the TechKing (his ability to animate more complex technical designs). He's still attempting to create the perfect curve of animation.

3D Artist


Kristaps is a 3D Artist specializing in XR development with a background in video production, motion graphics, and education. He brings expertise in asset creation for XR and 2D/3D animation to his work.

3D Artist

Joe McGwynn

Joe is a 3D artist & animator always striving to find the perfect balance between stunning visuals and functional learning material. He will often work closely with clients to ensure their vision is met, while creating eye catching animations that are also clear and concise for the learner.

Graphic Designer

Tammi Gourlay

Tammi is an experienced graphic designer deeply committed to staying on top of design trends. With extensive experience in print and UI design, She has worked with clients across diverse industries in Europe and the USA. Her passion for the craft began at a young age, when she taught herself the intricacies of design software, her enthusiasm is not merely a job requirement but a genuine love for the craft, which she aims to showcase within her job here at Bridge.

Motion Graphic Designer

Jay Au

Jay, a talented Motion Graphic Designer, hails originally from Hong Kong but has since established his career in Birmingham. With a rich background of ten years in the television advertising industry, Jay has crafted an array of television commercials for major brands, demonstrating a profound expertise in visual effects and motion graphics. He possesses a unique talent for transforming basic graphics and content into captivating, attention-commanding videos, showcasing his skill in engaging audiences through dynamic and innovative visual storytelling.

Motion Designer


With a background in Motion design and Computer Games Programming, Rutendo stretches his skillset between numerous forms of multimedia in order to create visually stimulating narrative. Along with proficiency in Sound Production and Graphic Design, Rutendo has cultivated several solutions that can be utilized as a flexible member of the team.

Head of Technical Training

Peter Wargacki

As Technical Training Manager, Peter Wargacki brings over three decades of diverse knowledge and real-world experience to the automotive industry. Throughout his extensive career, he has demonstrated expert leadership, providing oversight and guidance to successfully manage various technical programs. These range from conceptual development and curriculum creation to program launch and successful market deployment. Passionate and dedicated, Peter is a driving force in ensuring that training programs are both effective and enjoyable for learners at all levels. His wealth of experience, innovative mindset, and commitment to excellence make him a key asset to the Bridge team.

3D Artist

Vitalii Andronov

As an experienced 3D artist possessing a solid technical foundation, Vitalii brings a unique blend of creativity and industry expertise to the forefront, particularly shaped by his history in the automotive sales sector. His proficiency in 3D modeling, texturing, and animation is complemented by an in-depth understanding of the automotive market dynamics, consumer preferences, and technical specifications of vehicles. This unique combination allows Vitalii to create highly realistic and detailed 3D representations of automobiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also accurate in their technical portrayal. His work effectively bridges the gap between artistic vision and practical industry knowledge, making him an invaluable asset in any project that seeks to combine technical accuracy with creative flair.

Motion Designer

Alicia Cortes

Alicia has been a valued member of the Bridge team since 2021, demonstrating continuous growth within the company by expanding her responsibilities and refining her skillset. She brings a wealth of expertise, including her prior experience in the competitive VR gaming industry. Alicia's commitment to excellence is evident in her work, she is a dedicated team player specialising primarily in Motion Design.

Motion Designer

Caoimhe Ní Charraighe

Caoimhe is a talented Motion Graphics Designer at Bridge, where she skillfully combines art and technology to create compelling educational content. Her expertise in crafting dynamic visual stories makes complex concepts both accessible and engaging. Alongside her design responsibilities, Caoimhe collaborates with Tasha in managing the localisation pipeline, ensuring the global accessibility of their content through culturally and linguistically adapted materials. Outside of her professional realm, Caoimhe has a deep affection for cats and a love for bright colours.

Software Developer

Antons Sestaks

Antons is a seasoned Unity developer specialising in mixed reality and web-based augmented reality applications. Skilfully meeting the needs of AI development, he adeptly bridges the gap between advanced technology and user requirements. In his role at Bridge LT, Antons blends a collaborative and supportive spirit with a keen interest in new technologies, subtly pushing the boundaries of mixed reality in innovative ways.

Software Developer

Spencer Palmer 

Spencer is a talented Unity Developer with a passion for VR development in “serious games”, specialising in learning simulations. Spencer combines technology with education, crafting immersive VR experiences that make learning interactive. His approach to gamification transforms educational content, making it more accessible and enjoyable through the implementation of features such as AI-powered game mechanics and multiplayer gameplay, allowing users to learn together. Always at the forefront of tech trends, Spencer works collaboratively with educators and experts to ensure his projects are innovative and pedagogically sound.

Motion Graphics

Moe Ng

Moe, now residing in Scotland, is a seasoned Motion Designer boasting over a decade of profound experience in the television advertising industry and at a prominent television station in Hong Kong. His extensive background has equipped him with a unique perspective and a diverse skill set, making him a valuable asset in the realm of motion graphics and visual storytelling. Fuelled by a relentless passion for the industry, Moe excels in weaving narratives through a harmonious blend of sound and visuals. His commitment to his craft is evident in his ability to create captivating and meaningful content, which resonates with audiences across various platforms.

Immersive learning experiences.

Here at Bridge, we dish out a variety of immersive learning experiences. Whether it's through interactive videos that keep your eyes glued to the screen or Virtual Reality trips that make you feel like you're in a blockbuster movie, we make learning impossible to forget. And it's not just about the experience; it's about real, measurable results. Think higher knowledge retention rates, off-the-charts employee engagement, and better-than-ever completion rates.

We speak your language – clear, direct, and fuss-free.

But we don't stop at just delivering killer content; we speak your language – clear, direct, and fuss-free. This makes life a whole lot easier for companies navigating the complexities of regulated industries. We break down the "hard-to-digest" into bite-sized, absorbable pieces. 

​Bridge – bridging the gap from education to vocation.

So, why choose Bridge? Because we offer an experience – an exhilarating ride through the landscape of professional development. 



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