Custom Development Solutions



Business value: Optimisation of development and support costs by using PaaS and SaaS services. Improved efficiency of the development process based on Continuous Deployment practices. Workload management, increased elasticity and resiliency of a system.

  • Detailed planning to get cloud-ready architecture.
  • Serverless architecture design and implementation based on PaaS, SaaS, IaaS cloud layers.
  • Integration of your existing Microsoft ecosystem with a new cloud application or third-party services.
  • Manual and automated testing directly on Azure platform through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline.
  • Complex testing of the developed system.





Business value: Aligning a proper cloud model and strategy with your business goals and needs. Migrating non-cloud applications to Azure to gain competitive advantages.

  • Complete analysis of your existing solution and its readiness for moving to the cloud
  • Smooth transition of business-critical systems and applications to the cloud
  • Iterative migration by modules or a full-system migration
  • Data Warehouse optimisation in Azure
  • Costs and ROI estimation
  • Calculation of expected cloud consumption volumes.




Business value: Researching and testing the viability and performance of a solution before investing in the detailed design; verification of assumptions; minimising risks.

  • Defining KPIs by clarifying business goals of prototyping and requirements.
  • PoC development: addressing technical risks before the development of a detailed solution.
  • Analysing results, measuring ROI, evaluating the feasibility and viability of a product development.





Business value: Assessing cloud-readiness of your existing applications and choosing the most optimised development roadmap.

  • Rectifying objectives for Azure services adoption.
  • Studying an existing client’s solution, system, and processes to choose an appropriate, scalable and cost-efficient migration method.
  • Analytical assessment of your current operational infrastructure readiness for Azure.
  • Optimisation of existing development approaches in close cooperation with a client.
  • Overview of recommended activities and changes to implement. Business and operations feasibility reports.




Business value: Insights on estimated Azure costs, recommendations on how to optimise migration and development processes.

  • Design consulting. We provide expert-based re-architecting recommendations and suggestions.
  • Troubleshooting. Analysing and defining all possible troubleshooting issues, providing recommendations for fast resolution.
  • Workshop. Face-to-face ideation session with an experienced Azure cloud architecture team.


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