Cognitive Technologies

Computer Vision and Augmented Reality


Broad expertise in Computer Vision (CV) and Augmented Reality (AR) combined with sensor data fusion techniques allow us to provide unique Augmented ADAS and Active Surround View Monitoring product solutions. Thus, we can introduce the following functionality:

·        Augmented Guidance

·        Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

·        Vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian highlighting

·        Obstacles highlighting

·        Signs monitoring

·        Driver alertness monitoring.



Connected Car


Our experts enable an efficient car integration with the remote infrastructure and mobile devices to give you more opportunities for smartphone connectivity, multimedia support, sharing of media, remote car monitoring services and other functionality.

Our competencies

·        Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

·        Cellular networks connections (3G/4G/LTE)

·        In-car network management and firewalling

·        Smartphone integration

·        Over-the-air software updates

·        Personalisation and remote diagnostics functionality

·        Integration with cloud services


Embedded systems


Every IVI and ECU system is based on lower-level SW modules that provide the core system functionality. Bridge LT engineers support development and configuration of Linux/Yocto-based OS, as well as development for microcontrollers in accordance with AUTOSAR standards.

Our competencies

·        Inter-process communication mechanisms (CommonAPI, HTTP based, etc.)

·        In-car communication protocols (CAN, Ethernet, etc.)

·        Virtualisation technologies

·        Performance and memory optimisation

·        Compliance with ISO 26262, ISO 15031, ISO 14229-1



Human Machine Interface


Bridge LT HMI expertise encompasses development of next-gen premium and high-end IVI systems for the head unit.

Our competencies

·        Innovative UX/UI

·        Integration of audio speech recognition technologies

·        Integration of voice assistance technologies

·        Lifelike 3D navigation

·        Music and video streaming

·        QT/QML development


Cloud-based solutions


Fleet management. By migrating to the Cloud, automakers can optimise all fleet management processes:

·        An advanced search of fleet

·        Ability to locate drivers and vehicles

·        Determine the vehicle speed, fuel consumption, performance to prevent incidents and delivery delays.

Bridge LT can help implement necessary tools for route optimisation, direct connection with trade partners and repair providers, better logistics.

Car-as-a-Service (CaaS). You can also use our expertise in AWS, Azure Cloud Services to implement a car sharing / ride sharing platform.

·        Subscription and asset management

·        Remote vehicle access

·        Remote vehicle monitoring

·        Efficient analytics and personalization.

CaaS service will allow amplifying the reach of target audience, establish an additional revenue source from car sharing platform, and improve customer experience.



ADAS solutions


Development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is a key to increase safety on the road. Besides, 87% of German car buyers are willing to repurchase vehicles with ADAS features. Our expertise and/or available solutions in such systems include:

·        Computer vision and objects recognition

·        Sensors fusion for positioning and map matching

·        Path planning and environmental model

·        Integration with V2X including both V2V and V2I communication

·        Integration with Navigation

·        Visualization and validation tools.


Blockchain integration


Bridge LT largely contributes to the development of blockchain applications to overcome many automotive challenges and enable integration of blockchain algorithms into the following areas of the automotive industry:

·        Safe remote car control

·        Protected data sharing

·        Secure driver identification and authentication

·        Transparent charging and billing systems without intermediaries

·        Real-time insurance consultancy, registration of insurance events, payouts validation and handling

·        Protected Vehicle-2-Vehicle communication network including traffic network and auto accidents monitoring

·        Registration and validation of supplier parts

·        Product lifecycle management

·        Supply chain management

·        Diagnostics

·        On-the-go payments


What we can deliver in Data Science


  • Customer Classification and Look-Alike analysis
  • Chatbot development
  • Pattern recognition, feature extraction
  • Recognizing anomalies
  • Graph analysis for customer segmentation
  • Card transaction analysis for customer segmentation
  • Image Analysis and Computer Vision
  • Natural Language Processing, text analysis
  • Social Network Analysis (SNA), work with graph data
  • Fraud and risk detection
  • Credit scoring

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