Cloud Based Development

Migration to Azure Cloud


Consolidation of business infrastructure in a modern cloud platform for increased security, efficiency, and performance.

  • Cloud road-map strategy. Analysing your business goals and needs for a clear vision of your future cloud infrastructure and its impact on the business. Establishing stages/milestones of cloud transformation.
  • Cloud transformation architecture. Designing your cloud solution landscape as a hybrid, private or public deployment.
  • Migration assessment. Conducting a comprehensive assessment and establishing cloud readiness of existing IT infrastructure and apps. Analysing workloads and providing costs estimation for expected cloud consumption volumes, costs, and ROI.
  • Migrating on-premise DBs to Cloud. Replacing legacy physical servers with a state-of-the-art cloud platform to gain a strategic competitive advantage.
  • Migrating Microsoft and non-Microsoft workloads. Implementing migration of various MS Core IT services under Windows Server OS and SQL Server. Complex cloud migration offerings for Open-source workloads running under RedHat Linux, Ubuntu, CenOS, Apache and using MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.


Cloud Managed Services


High availability of services and improved support efficiency with reduced maintenance costs.

  • Full 24/7 support of infrastructure and applications landscape at L1, L2, and L3 levels.
  • Flexible bundles of managed services for Enterprise and SME Customers that include:
    • Microsoft licensing through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.
    • Fixed SLA and scope of work: daily IT routines with options for on-call duties.
    • Predetermined amount of incident tickets with fixed price.
  • Azure Chatbot Service – personalised self-service assistants as an alternative channel for L1 support, analytics, and communication with your clients.


Cloud Dev-Ops


Ensure seamless cloud adoption by implementing the modern qualitative approach to service delivery with increased quality and decreased time to deploy business solutions from days to minutes.

  • Implementing application management practice in the cloud with Continuous Integration, Deployment and Release Management.
  • Automation of testing and acceptance processes for improved transformation latency.
  • Utilising an extensive tool set at all stages of solution delivery to achieve the best results.
  • Streamlined development process with minimised human errors and risks.



Cloud Development


A fully functioning, scalable and maintainable cloud solution.

  • Design and implementation of serverless architecture (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
  • Traffic management (HA) development for smooth control over traffic load, app performance and availability.
  • SSO + MFA. Leveraging security layer with Azure AD integration for effective identity and access management of your cloud infrastructure and apps.
  • Azure IoT Hub + IoT Solutions. Implementing secure and reliable device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device connection.
  • DWH & BI solutions. Global distributed multi-module data storage (SQL/NoSQL) and custom BI solutions to accelerate the effectiveness of business with real-time parallel in-memory computing.
  • Cloud native architecture (CNA) Azure Development. Micro-services for integration of your application with any cloud platform or third-party services.
  • Simple mobility approach. Make your business users or client mobile by publishing on-premises API of your business solution using Azure API Management.


AI-based Cloud Services


Innovative solutions and transformative tech to enable cutting-edge analytics, incredible performance, and increased customer engagement.

  • AI and Machine learning solutions. Designing convolutional neural networks and producing fully-integrated AI-based applications, solutions and systems with M2M hyper-connectivity for advanced objects tracking and pattern recognition, predictive analytics and improved security in state-of-the-art projects (self-driven cars, Smart Cities, IoT projects, healthcare systems, etc.).
  • Chatbots. Implementing innovative self-service assistants to leverage processing of common business tasks and user requests.
  • NLP and Language understanding (LUIS). Implementing a cognitive service to process and analyse information for Q&A systems, user requests targeting and personalisation, etc.
  • Cortana. Development for Microsoft’s digital personal assistant across a variety of platforms and devices (from simple integration with apps to embedded programming).


SharePoint & Office 365


Streamlining your business needs and expanding capabilities with integrated Microsoft solutions.

  • Implementing powerful business solutions for automation of business processes, effective collaboration, data and activities management, e.g., CMS, BPN, business applications, collaboration portals, data synchronisation systems, social collaboration portals & collaboration workspaces, personal data management solutions, business knowledge base sharing solutions (hubs), etc.
  • Full customisation, with options for online, hybrid, or on-premise implementation.
  • Integration with any management, reporting and BI platforms and tools.
  • Seamless migration from legacy systems to a modern tech stack.


Cloud Security


Protected customers' data, secure business applications, increased customer confidence and satisfaction with zero government penalties and ensured business continuity.

  • SSO/MFA implementation. A stable control over privacy and security of cloud infrastructure and apps, powered by state-of-the-art tech stack, including Blockchain.
  • Cloud GRC consulting to help you move to the cloud securely, without putting your cloud data at risk.
  • In-depth analysis of cloud infrastructure, recommending and implementing security enforcement measures.



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