Blockchain for Enterprises

Computer Vision and Augmented Reality


Broad expertise in Computer Vision (CV) and Augmented Reality (AR) combined with sensor data fusion techniques allow us to provide unique Augmented ADAS and Active Surround View Monitoring product solutions. Thus, we can introduce the following functionality:

·        Augmented Guidance

·        Forward Collision Warning (FCW) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

·        Vehicle, cyclist and pedestrian highlighting

·        Obstacles highlighting

·        Signs monitoring

·        Driver alertness monitoring.



Connected Car


Our experts enable an efficient car integration with the remote infrastructure and mobile devices to give you more opportunities for smartphone connectivity, multimedia support, sharing of media, remote car monitoring services and other functionality.

Our competencies

·        Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

·        Cellular networks connections (3G/4G/LTE)

·        In-car network management and firewalling

·        Smartphone integration

·        Over-the-air software updates

·        Personalisation and remote diagnostics functionality

·        Integration with cloud services


Embedded systems


Every IVI and ECU system is based on lower-level SW modules that provide the core system functionality. Bridge LT engineers support development and configuration of Linux/Yocto-based OS, as well as development for microcontrollers in accordance with AUTOSAR standards.

Our competencies

·        Inter-process communication mechanisms (CommonAPI, HTTP based, etc.)

·        In-car communication protocols (CAN, Ethernet, etc.)

·        Virtualisation technologies

·        Performance and memory optimisation

·        Compliance with ISO 26262, ISO 15031, ISO 14229-1



Human Machine Interface


Bridge LT HMI expertise encompasses development of next-gen premium and high-end IVI systems for the head unit.

Our competencies

·        Innovative UX/UI

·        Integration of audio speech recognition technologies

·        Integration of voice assistance technologies

·        Lifelike 3D navigation

·        Music and video streaming

·        QT/QML development


Cloud-based solutions


Fleet management. By migrating to the Cloud, automakers can optimise all fleet management processes:

·        An advanced search of fleet

·        Ability to locate drivers and vehicles

·        Determine the vehicle speed, fuel consumption, performance to prevent incidents and delivery delays.

Bridge LT can help implement necessary tools for route optimisation, direct connection with trade partners and repair providers, better logistics.

Car-as-a-Service (CaaS). You can also use our expertise in AWS, Azure Cloud Services to implement a car sharing / ride sharing platform.

·        Subscription and asset management

·        Remote vehicle access

·        Remote vehicle monitoring

·        Efficient analytics and personalization.

CaaS service will allow amplifying the reach of target audience, establish an additional revenue source from car sharing platform, and improve customer experience.



ADAS solutions


Development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is a key to increase safety on the road. Besides, 87% of German car buyers are willing to repurchase vehicles with ADAS features. Our expertise and/or available solutions in such systems include:

·        Computer vision and objects recognition

·        Sensors fusion for positioning and map matching

·        Path planning and environmental model

·        Integration with V2X including both V2V and V2I communication

·        Integration with Navigation

·        Visualization and validation tools.


Blockchain integration


Bridge LT largely contributes to the development of blockchain applications to overcome many automotive challenges and enable integration of blockchain algorithms into the following areas of the automotive industry:

·        Safe remote car control

·        Protected data sharing

·        Secure driver identification and authentication

·        Transparent charging and billing systems without intermediaries

·        Real-time insurance consultancy, registration of insurance events, payouts validation and handling

·        Protected Vehicle-2-Vehicle communication network including traffic network and auto accidents monitoring

·        Registration and validation of supplier parts

·        Product lifecycle management

·        Supply chain management

·        Diagnostics

·        On-the-go payments


Smart Contracts Implementation


Bridge LT implements irrevocable and immutable smart contracts, powering all kinds of business relations with transparency, credibility, trust, and decentralisation. The wide range of use cases for smart contracts realisation opens enormous possibilities for businesses of any scale:

  • A reliable and secure addition to ESCROW-invoices and all kinds of agreements or exchange of liabilities, requiring intermediary, i.e.: assurance of property rights, trading, partnerships, contracts, etc.
  • Unbreakable contractual agreements between network participants in heterogeneous environments without centralized trust.
  • Protection against unauthorised changes.
  • Backing up legal processing and financial mediators.
  • Enabling triggers and regulators for financial transactions and handling automated events.



Blockchain Reengineering & Custom Development


Bridge LT can alter and tune blockchain protocols for specific purposes, such as developing brand new blockchains for better scalability and performance, as well as adaptation of blockchain to the needs of specific infrastructure.


  • Core blockchain protocols re-engineering and new blockchain ledger development.
  • Hashing protocols re-engineering.
  • Creating/improving consensus and voting protocols (PoW, PoA, etc.)
  • Applying specific (a)symmetric encryption.
  • Tuning blockchain scalability for unlimited and highly-productive databases.


Blockchain for Start-ups


Bridge LT  proposes its expertise in blockchain to help start-ups design and create a product, position it on the market as well as support in raising funds during ICO.


  • Preparing and running ICOs (overall architecture & design, implementing and reviewing smart contracts, marketing consulting - whitepapers, identifying the MVP for the ICO phase, promotion via crypto communities, etc.)
  • Identifying business needs and place of blockchain in the product lifecycle.
  • Selecting the right blockchain platform according to the product needs and business requirements.
  • Creation and maintenance of new cryptocurrencies.
  • Moving product cash flow to crypto coins: public or private.
  • Modification and improvement of existing blockchains.
  • DOA application development.


Use Cases & Verticals

Delivering custom blockchain-based solutions for enterprises, SMEs, and product companies from all verticals for non-cryptocurrency appliances and management of digital values.



Banking and Finance


Empowering all kinds of digital operations & transactions for banking services, trusts, marketplaces, credit unions, loan associations, and stock exchanges - free of frauds and regulatory pressures:


  • Digital identities, multi-signature transactions, ESCROW
  • Financial Security (Post-trade settlement, Derivative contracts, Securities issuance, Collateral management)
  • Trade Finance (Bill of Lading)
  • Retail (Banking Bonds, Mortgage contracts, and verification, Micro-finance)
  • Peer-to-peer transactions, authenticity, ticketing
  • Syndicated loans
  • Cross-border payments
  • Invoice Fraud Prevention
  • Master Data Management, etc.




Blockchain projects for global public and state e-services on a scale of a country, with subsequent transition to e-government model while assuring democracy, political stability, human and civil rights, laws and regulations implementation, transparency, openness, anti-corruption and integrity.


  • State and public registers (e.g., land and property registers), databases, compendiums, records management
  • Digital Identity (e-identity) management, ownership validation, fraud prevention
  • E-voting, government & non-profit transparency
  • Taxes, legislation & regulations
  • State purchase contracts and budget management
  • Government services, etc.



Healthcare and Insurance


Covering all aspects of life, auto, health, and property insurances with increased accuracy, transparency, flexibility and improved legal control and claims submissions while providing privacy and  security over public ledgers.


  • Electronic medical records: civil registry data, birth records, health history, records & prescriptions, financial transactions, etc.
  • Product provenance and legal control
  • Event-triggered smart contracts (automatic claims, self-executing contracts, reduced fraud)
  • Fewer delays and no data duplication
  • Individualised pricing and better risk assessment (improved analytics through automated data sharing)
  • Disintermediation (identity validation, decentralised carrier consortium), etc.




Decentralised, tamper-proof and transparent way to manage certificates and agreements for energy manufacturing, distribution, and delivery.

  • Decentralised energy transaction and supply system
  • Control over energy networks and energy supply through smart contracts
  • Ensuring transparency of the energy trading and marketing
  • Safeguarding power units and connected equipment with secure authentication
  • Managing renewable energy and emission allowances
  • Metering and billing of energy consumption (electricity, heat use and electric mobility (roaming), etc.)



Automotive and Logistics


Integration of blockchain algorithms to power safe and secure automotive apps, smart contracts for logistics and supply chain management, and solving challenges in all areas of the automotive industry and logistics.


  • Safe remote car control (sensor and processing solutions, communication/legal infrastructure)
  • Protected Vehicle-2-Vehicle communication network (including autonomous driverless vehicles), including:
  • Traffic network and;
  • Auto accidents monitoring
  • Secure driver identification and authentication (eID), proof of ownership
  • On-the-go payments and billing systems without intermediaries for charging
  • Real-time insurance consultancy, registration of insurance events, pay-outs validation, and incidents handling
  • Product lifecycle management, registration and validation of supplier parts, diagnostics
  • Protected data sharing and ePublishing (DRM for digital content, secure firmware updates)
  • Supply chain management and logistics - real-time contracts, transparent handling, and validation of events and payment, etc.




  • Protected customers' data, secure business applications, increased customer confidence and satisfaction with zero government penalties and ensured business continuity.
  • Securing financial transactions and sensitive data exchange (e.g., firmware updates distribution for automotive industry or IoT devices)
  • Decentralised and encrypted data storage ensuring its integrity, prevention of fraud and data tampering, secure access and protection against hacking/DDoS
  • Authentication & authorisation, including SSO/MFA implementation - ensuring control over privacy and reliable security of infrastructure and apps
  • Efficient, open and permanent synchronisation of data, while ensuring protection from data tampering





Bridge LT helps businesses adopt blockchain for their FinTech needs, transforming common financial and banking services while ensuring transparency, decentralisation, compliance, and security with reduced operational risks and expenses.


  • Private blockchains development and maintenance
  •  Creating custom P2P payment and exchange platforms
  • Near real-time operations with cryptocurrencies, digital values, and fiat money: processing, verification, clearing, settlement and storage
  • Dex/digital securities trading
  • Integration of smart contracts and tokens with common business operations
  •  Cross-border payments
  • Funds, royalties and investments management, etc.


Education, Science and Research


Providing clarity, credibility and trust to scholarly communication and scientific research.


  • Data with no possibility for tampering, fraud or corruption (assessment databases, student education records, research data records, etc.).
  • Issuing and storing tamper-proof personal certificates (i.e., professional learning certificates or diplomas) and credentials for institutions with no need for extra validations through third parties.
  • Secure access to restricted or encrypted data via e-identity (student identification).
  • Transparent financial operations with the ability to check funding source and expenses (tuition fees, scholarships, crowdfunding, grants and funding of researches).
  • Ensuring agreements fulfilment (labour agreements, services provision, contract obligations).
  • Intellectual property protection - creation and storage of immutable IPs for a greater transparency and control over various aspects of scholarly and scientific research protection (proof of research, contribution and credit, research evaluation and peer review, data falsification, reports encryption, etc.).



Entertainment and Media


Disrupting content creation and distribution while ensuring better monetization and measurability.


  • Gaming platforms and e-sports - a market of digital assets; in-game items storage, protection, and monetisation; virtual money processing; e-sports awards and betting, etc.
  • Social networks and content platforms - security for identity and IP protection; digital content ownership, distribution, and monetisation; smart contracts for payments or exchanges.
  • Video & VR content storage and delivery, IP rights protection due to exclusion of illegal content distribution, monetisation (royalties and revenue sharing, crowdfunding, etc.).
  • Digital advertisement – improving ad delivery, impression tracking and measurement, as well as ad buying contract automated execution and secure p2p transactions.


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