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Bridge Learning Technologies Ltd is a boutique management consultancy specialising in performance improvement sustained by technological solutions. We operate across a range of industries, such as the automotive and learning and development industries, and can help employees improve their performance and productivity as well as help business owners and CEOs improve profitability across the business.


We believe that marrying the application of technological solutions with careful consultancy and management helps to optimise workplace efficiency and improve customer relations. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that technology can help everyone’s lives, both personal and professional, which is where we aim to simplify and aid every process when it comes to implementing technology to help you and your business enjoy a better life.


Whether it’s implementing AI to assist with customer queries, a business intelligence hub to ensure that all stakeholders and employees are all on the same page, or even just improving internal training and learning methods and seeing improved benefits of learning and development, we can assist across all aspects of your business.


With our head office based in the UK, and satellite offices based internationally, including in Eastern Europe and California, we are a boutique management consultancy that stretches across the globe and yet gives you the same experience as you would get from a local agency.   

About Us



Having worked across a range of industries, we have numerous case studies of how we have helped solve issues that our clients have been facing through the implementation of AI and other solutions.


You can view our case studies here.

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