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Meet Our Team

Our in-house talent, supported by Board Advisors who are world-leading authorities in Automotive, Financial Service and Tech Software, aren't just folks who "know their stuff" – they're change-makers. Handpicked for their off-the-charts experience and hands-on skills – they're the reason we're a cut above the rest.


With a killer combo of experience and an insatiable appetite for what's next, they craft training solutions that fit like a glove – custom-tailored to meet your company's unique goals and quirks.

Sarah Sillars has dedicated over 35 years to the Automotive Retail sector, where she has made significant contributions as a Skills Champion and Ambassador...

Skills Champion and Ambassador

Sarah Sillars

Justin has spent 25 years as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor to some of the UK’s most exciting and disruptive early stage ...


Justin Cooke

With over two decades experience in the automotive sector, Vlad founded Bridge, driven by his vision of harnessing cutting-edge ...


Vlad Shishkaryov

Dealership Solutions

Revolutionising automotive business.

Revamp dealership practices with dynamic, modern solutions.

We transform.

We engage.

We innovate.

We streamline.

We elevate.

We excel.

We optimise.

We standardise.

We globalise.

We accelerate.

We enhance.

We personalise.

We integrate.

We expand.

Bridge crafts magical and memorable learning experiences for global brands. No buzzwords. No jargon. Just straight-up, easy-to-understand information that learners remember, enjoy and use.  


For businesses in highly regulated sectors – like automotive, financial services or healthcare – this means increased compliance, enhanced employee engagement, and a workforce with a deep understanding of complex subjects and regulations.

What We Do

At Bridge, we believe traditional training methods are past their sell-by date. That’s why we have an arsenal of modern tech to turn learning into an experience you'll want to keep coming back to. Take a look.

Ready to upgrade your training game?